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Types Of Roofs To Consider For Your Building
The roof is one of the most important parts of a building. The roof you put on your house will play a role in how good or bad it looks. Its primary purpose is to protect the people in the house from the natural elements. Damage on your roof can force you to have it replaced. Choosing a roof for your house is a very important decision. The decision on which roof to have installed on your house should be an informed one. Here are types of roofs that you should consider prior to choosing a roof for your building. By going through these roof types, you will get to understand roof basics that may come in handy.
You should begin by getting to know about flat roofs. Flat rooftops are mainly used on industrial buildings. They are slanted to some degree despite being known as flat roofs. This is mainly so that the roof does not accumulate any water or snow. This type of roof requires you to have good drainage. This is a great roof to put solar panels on as well.
Gable roofs are good alternatives as well. This type of roof is also referred to as pitched roofs. This roof will serve you well if you leave in a place that rains and snows. This is due to the fact that they have the angles that allow it to shed water or snow. This type of roof can also use a range of materials. You can get this roof in tiles, cedar shakes and plenty of other options. If you intend to put solar panels, then you should consider this roof.
Hip roofs are also a great option. This type of roof slopes on all sides. The stability on this roof is unmatched. Hip roofs can be made using various materials as well. This roof is the best roof for areas that are windy.
The butterfly roof is another good roof type. This roof type is more modern. It allows for the installation of huge windows due to its design. It is very eco friendly as well. This means that it can help bring down your energy bills significantly.
You should equally consider the saltbox roof. This type of roof is designed in such a way that it has one long side and one short side. It is a roof that was used in the colonial period a lot. This roof is good for snowy and rainy locations because it is durable.

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